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Delving into the recent #USFederalReserve decision on interest rates. Is the era of monetary tightening really over? Dive into our latest analysis to discover the potential impact on the #forex markets and EURUSD. 

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US Federal Reserve Pause Interest Rates: A Deeper Dive

The financial world paused for a moment when the US Federal Reserve announced its decision to maintain interest rates at 5.50%. A move that has been closely watched by market participants, given the significance of US monetary policy on global market dynamics.

During the subsequent press conference, the Federal Reserve Chairman subtly hinted at the possibility of future rate hikes. While the central bank’s decision to hold rates might offer a temporary sigh of relief for some market participants, the message was clear – the era of monetary tightening might not be over.

A closer look at the dot plot, a tool utilized by Federal Reserve officials to signal their rate expectations, reveals an intriguing insight. The median projection indicates the potential for rates to inch upwards to 5.60% in the near term. Such an adjustment, although seemingly modest, can have broad ramifications for forex markets, investment strategies, and global economic health.


EURUSD- Forex Broker- Blueberry Markets- 21st September

The price on the chart has traded through multiple technical levels and some observations included:

  • Price of EURUSD rejected the key volume level.
  • USD strength returned to the markets after the hawkish tone from the Federal Reserve Chairman.
  • EURUSD prices could target monthly lows. 

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