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Hi, and welcome to this Blueberry Markets video update with me, John Kibbler, head currency analyst.
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In this video, we’re going to take a look at our open trade positions. We’re just going to have a little review and reflect on what we’ve seen so far, and what we expect to happen. 

So I’m going to start with AUD/USD. Price is still technically in this slight downtrend on the daily time frame. We can see that we made those really nice lower lows recently and had a bit of a pullback week where the market has rallied back up into this previous structure area, where I’m expecting the trend to continue to press down.
If we take a look at the four-hour time frame, price is still technically in that retracement phase because we’re still getting higher highs and higher lows. But what I really want to see out of this market in order to be a continued seller is a break of this level through here. We actually spoke about this in a video last week, where we said this level here is probably going to be really important in order to look for that downside to this market and obviously the market found some support here.
We’ve run it back up into the resistance level now. I’m expecting that market to press to the downside. If we get those lower lows here on the four-hour we can look for those further shorter opportunities through here on Aussie. 

USD/CHF was another market that we were still in. I thought price would start finding some support last week, but instead, the price just continued to sort of press down and just not make any new higher highs which we were looking for. 
We looked for the sort of double bottom potential or even this sort of inverse head and shoulders potential or just kind of looking for that changing cycle. But I haven’t had that so far. It’s still early in the week seeing a bit of a move down and a retest of this zone just through here, so still looking for the market to try and press to make some higher highs.
If we do get that then looking for some adding trades on this market as well, but USD/CHF still has some slight profit. You know looking for that price action that we couldn’t see to turn around going into tomorrow. Hopefully, we can head up for the rest of the week. 
Unfortunately, we got stopped on EUR/JPY. Again, just kind of reflecting on this–what could we have done anything differently and just kind of looking at how we viewed the market. The market was in a downtrend price, kind of we looked at this area here as an area of resistance.
And, you know, I don’t think I would have done anything differently with this trade, because if I just go and move that level down like so what we were expecting was the market to come and retest these lows just through here. And it was looking fairly good to start off with the market change cycle on the four-hour time frame, which is everything we want to see. 
You want to see that four-hour trend line up with the daily trends, which could give us an indication that the trend is going to continue. We saw that we had two confirmed closes below those lows, it just didn’t work out our way in this particular case. The market has now come up and broken through this area.  

But EUR/USD is a bit of a zone now. So we could even see this kind of continue from here, which gotta be a little bit careful with the Yen market at the moment. A little bit overextended there. 

But looking at this trade wouldn’t have done anything differently. Absolutely not. I think this is a decent trading opportunity. We wanted to see the price come and retest these lows just through here. Hasn’t happened our way, unfortunately, but the price has kind of moved back now. And even kind of retesting this area of resistance as well, sort of the head and shoulders neckline area. So be interesting to see how the market holds up here.
Whether we get another impulse down, we’ll be careful to watch that four-hour trend again. But ultimately, Aussie is still looking for that four-hour breakdown. USD/CHF still in looking for a gain. The sort of Dollar strength to really start coming into the market here. And EUR/JPY we got stopped on but wouldn’t do anything different with, that was a decent trading opportunity. So hopefully, we’ll get some Dollar strength this week, and I’ll speak to you in the next video.
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