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Will the price of EURUSD trade lower? Investors will be keeping a keen eye on the US Debt Ceiling talks which will have a strong impact on the USD strength.

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As global markets continue to be influenced by geopolitical events and macroeconomic factors, investors’ focus this week will be on the US Debt Ceiling talks. These critical discussions resumed after the negotiations stalled on Friday, triggering anticipation and uncertainty among traders. The outcome of these discussions holds considerable implications for currency dynamics, particularly for the EUR/USD pair.

The EUR/USD pair, representing the two largest economies globally, has always been heavily influenced by economic and political events. This time, the potential catalyst will be the US Debt Ceiling discussions. At stake is the possibility of the US defaulting on its debts by June 1st, should the ceiling not be raised or suspended.

Historically, the Debt Ceiling has been a contentious topic in US politics, yet the country has never failed to reach an agreement. Nevertheless, the hypothetical possibility of a default has, in the past, created short-term volatility in the markets. If no agreement is made and the US defaults, the USD could face devaluation. This could, in turn, send the EUR/USD pair higher, as investors seek to mitigate their risks by holding the more stable euro.

However, it’s crucial to understand that such an eventuality is highly unlikely. As we’ve seen in the past, the United States Congress has always reached an agreement to prevent a default, often in the 11th hour. The possibility of the world’s largest economy defaulting on its debts would have substantial global economic consequences, a scenario that policymakers are keen to avoid.

Assuming the pattern holds, and an agreement is reached, we can expect the USD to strengthen in response. The relief from the elimination of uncertainty could trigger a renewed confidence in the dollar, causing a dip in the EUR/USD pair. As traders and analysts, we’ve noticed a recently found support at 1.0750 for the EUR/USD. However, given the potential catalysts, this support level could be tested, and the price might well trade through it.

For now, investors will be keenly watching the developments in the Debt Ceiling talks. Any indications of progress or lack thereof could cause significant fluctuations in the EUR/USD pair. As always, understanding the larger economic and political picture is vital in navigating these potential shifts.

EURUSD Analysis

How To Trade Forex EURUSD technical analysis 22-5-23

The price on the chart has traded through multiple technical levels and some observations included:

  • The price of EURUSD found support at 1.0750 zone.
  • Price could pullback to a higher time frame resistance such as the highs around 1.0900.
  • If price trades below the support of 1.0750 sellers could look to target the next support zone at 1.0500.
  • H4 time frame is showing a reversal pattern, investors may need to be cautious if this pattern completes. 

Have you watched our interview with Week Ahead analysis? You can see it here. 

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