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What is The Forex Linear Regression?

Forex linear regression enables you to predict future price movements by comparing the current and historical currency pair prices. In our article, we will understand the Forex Linear Regression tool in depth.

What is forex linear regression?

Forex linear regression is a statistical tool that finds the best-fit line between the current and historical exchange rates to identify the current market trend. You can analyse the trading signal based on the direction in which the Forex Linear Regression line moves. When the line is moving upwards, it signals to place long orders, and when it is falling, it signals to place a short order and exit long positions. The Forex Linear Regression consists of two important elements:

  • The regression curve is a line that best fits the data points and represents the relationship between the current and past price levels.
  • The slope of the line represents the rate of change of the current price level in relation to the historical price level.

What is the Forex Linear Regression channel?

The Forex Linear Regression channel consists of three lines indicating a trend's high point, low point and middle point. The three lines help in analysing the upper and lower limits of a trend to place orders accordingly. When the current currency pair prices are nearer to the upper or high limit, it signals to place long orders due to an uptrend continuation expectation. On the other hand, when the currency pair prices are nearer to the lower band, it indicates a downtrend continuation expectation and signals to enter a short order instead.

  • The upper (lower) Forex Linear Regression line is made by plotting the top (bottom) price points on the chart.
  • The mid or median Forex Linear Regression line is plotted right in the middle of the upper and lower lines.

How to calculate Forex Linear Regression

1. Simple Forex Linear Regression line/slope

The Forex Linear Regression line/slope helps in identifying if the market momentum is positive or negative. y = a + bx Where: y = the dependent variable (for example, the current closing price of a currency pair) x = the independent variable (for example, the previous closing price of a currency pair) a = the y-intercept, representing the value of y when x = 0 b = the slope of the line, representing the change in y for a unit change in x

2. Forex Linear Regression indicator

The Forex Linear Regression indicator can be calculated by multiplying the value of the slope calculated above by 100 and dividing it by the currency pair price level. The default period is set to 14.

Top Forex Linear Regression strategies

1. Curve strategy

The Forex Linear Regression curve strategy is used to present unique price points that are missed by the moving average indicators. You have to wait for the Forex Linear Regression curve to move above the current currency pair candlesticks to open a short trade. However, if you want to enter a long trade, wait for the slope to move below the currency pair’s candlesticks. This strategy is most effective over the long-term timeframe as it helps in comparing the currency price levels to the historic price levels.


2. Slope strategy

Forex Linear Regression slope is an oscillator indicator that helps identify the current trend's strength. In this strategy, you wait until the currency pair price levels reach the support or resistance level to identify a bearish or bullish trend. When the currency pair price hits the upper line, touching the resistance level, it signals traders to sell existing long orders and enter long orders. This indicates a bearish reversal strength. On the other hand, when the currency pair price hits the lower line, touching the support level, it signals trades to buy the long orders and exit short orders, indicating a bullish reversal signal. If the currency pair is in an uptrend and crosses the middle band from below, it indicates that the uptrend is strong and going to continue, signalling long order opportunities and vice versa.


3. Channel strategy

Forex Linear Regression channel trading strategy helps you identify the ideal support and resistance price reversal to predict possible reversal price points. In this strategy, you combine another technical analysis tool like Bollinger Bands that calculates the support and resistance level on the linear regression curve. The Bollinger Bands depicts the mean value of the currency pair through a red line. It is a buy signal whenever the currency pair price goes below this line and vice versa.


How to trade with Forex Linear Regression

1. Determine the trend

Identify the current trend in the market by examining the charts and finding the direction of the market. Compare the current price levels with the previous price levels to understand the strength of the ongoing trend to predict if the markets are going to reverse or continue.

2. Plot the Linear Regression line

After calculating, plot the Linear Regression line on the chart by finding the best-fit line representing the market trend.

3. Identify support and resistance levels

Use the Linear Regression line to identify potential support and resistance levels. If the current prices are near the support level, enter a long trade, and if they are near the resistance level, enter a short trade.

4. Enter a trade

After analysing the forex regression bands, support and resistance levels and the closing prices, you can enter a trade in the direction of the current trend.

5. Monitor the market

Combine the Forex Regression Line with other technical indicators like Bollinger Bands to monitor and confirm the market signals that the former provides. Exit the trade when there is a change in trend.

Use the Forex Regression Line on your charts today

The Forex Regression Line is a trend-following indicator that helps in analysing trends. You can increase your chances of placing successful market orders by including this indicator in your trading strategy. Blueberry Markets is a global trading platform that can help you kickstart your forex journey and use forex regression line indicator, along with several others. Sign up for a live trading account or try a risk-free demo account.

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