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How can I withdraw to my bank account?

You may withdraw funds to your bank account through CurrencyCloud.


Important things to note:

  1. The bank account must match your Blueberry Markets account name.
  2. Card deposits are always withdrawn first. However, card deposits made prior to the migration (before January 28, 2024) will have to be withdrawn via bank wire.
  3. Withdrawals via bank wire are processed only to bank accounts issued in the same country as your registered country. If you are withdrawing to a bank account that differs from your registered country, we may ask you to provide bank statements and other supporting documents.
  4. International bank wire usually attracts a fee of approximately USD $25.00, which is imposed by and dependent on banking intermediaries; such fees are the responsibility of the client.
  5. Because of the above-mentioned fee, the minimum withdrawal amount is USD $50— however, we highly recommend withdrawing at least $100 to maximise the fee.
  6. Bank account details must include a SWIFT code and IBAN. If your bank does not use SWIFT/IBAN, you may enter 6 zeros in the relevant field.
  7. If your account has open trades upon submission of the withdrawal request, the free margin must at least be equal to or greater than 150% after the amount has been deducted.
    Free Margin Calculation = (Equity/Margin) x 100


To submit a withdrawal request, follow the steps below:

  • To ensure the approval of your withdrawal request, please upload a copy of your bank statement here if it’s your first time to withdraw to any specific bank account.
  • Payment profiles submitted before January 28, 2024 will need to be resubmitted. 

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