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Trading Hours Update: May 2023

The month of May sees a few observable holidays around the globe, including: 

  • Labour Day (HK)/May Day (UK) – 1st May 2023
  • Constitution Memorial Day (TK) – 3rd May 2023
  • Greenery Day – 4th May 2023
  • Children’s Day – 5th May 2023
  • Coronation of King Charles III – 8th May 2023
  • Constitution Day (EU) – 17th May 2023
  • Ascension Day – 18th May 2023
  • Birthday of Buddha – 26th May 2023
  • President’s Day & Whitmonday/Memorial Day – 29th May 2023

As a result, a group of trading instruments will be impacted as per the trading hours update below.  Click the table below for a larger view of all the trading hours updates.

All trading hours = GMT+3

All trading hours = GMT+3

During this period, deposits and withdrawals remain the same. There might be a delay in processing time on public holidays or bank holidays.

As always, if you plan to actively trade during this period, please proceed with extra caution as spreads may be wider than usual due to reduced liquidity and unexpected volatility.


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