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What types of products do you offer?

Blueberry Markets is an online broker offering over-the-counter financial instruments (OTC). These instruments include forex, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and single stock shares (CFD).

You may view each instrument’s specifications by right-clicking on it from the Market Watch and selecting Specification:

Market hours are quoted in the local markets time zone or MT4 Server Time. MT4 Server Time is based on GMT +3 when New York is observing Daylight Savings Time, and is correct at the date of publication. Server Time is set at GMT+2 when New York is observing Eastern Standard Time and is changed to GMT+3 when New York is observing Daylight Savings Time. For Non-US Time Zones their local Daylight Savings changes will affect the sessions times relative to MT4 server time. When public holidays are scheduled, clients will be given at least 48 hours notifying them of affected instruments and their adjusted session times.
Some instruments require more margin than others. A margin multiplier is the factor to be considered when calculating margin i.e. if you have an account leverage of 1:100 and the multiplier is 2, then the margin requirement for that instrument is 1:50. Indices have a different leverage, ranging from 1:67 to  1:200. Please refer to the table above. In this situation, your account leverage is not considered in margin calculation.
Contract Specifications, Spreads & Margins: References in the table above are correct at the time of publication. All Specifications & Margins published in the MT4/MT5 Trading platform supersede the Product Schedule. 
Spreads will reflect conditions in the underlying instrument can substantially widen during news events, Asian trading sessions and around the end of the trading session.



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