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Trading Room FAQs

What is the Blueberry VIP Trading Room?

The Blueberry VIP Trading Room is an exclusive experience for traders to interact and share ideas within a vibrant community. The Trading Room is housed within the Blueberry Markets client portal, in which VIP traders can get access to exclusive perks, like the ability to chat with award-winning analysts, daily interactive analysis, share trading Ideas, take part in trading competitions and more! 


How do I join the Blueberry VIP Trading Room?

To join the Blueberry VIP Trading Room, all you need to do is have a lifetime deposit of $200 in your Blueberry client account. 


What benefits are offered in the Blueberry VIP Trading Room?

Various benefits are offered to different access tiers. Please refer to the Access Tiers information for more details. 


What are Access Tiers? 

Depending on your lifetime deposit, you can access tiers with different perks. Please refer below for more information. To unlock the full benefits, level up to a Diamond Tier VIP trader!

Can I use the Blueberry VIP Trading Room on mobile devices?

Yes, our Blueberry VIP Trading Room is mobile friendly for all devices including  Android and iOS. 


What are trading competitions? 

Trading competitions are events where traders can compete against each other to see who can achieve the exceptional trading results within a specified period. To participate, you need to register for the competition. Stay tuned as we will be sharing more information soon on our monthly competitions and prizes! 


What are XPs and XP Tiers? 

In the Blueberry VIP Trading Room, XPs are like trading gold stars. Earn them by conquering challenges and taking actions. These XPs determine your XP Tier, and there are 15 tiers in total. It’s our way of recognizing your trading prowess as you level up. 

What are Badges? 

Badges are awarded to traders with remarkable trading accomplishments.

Like trading trophies – earn ’em by nailing trading achievements! It’s your way of flexing your trading muscles. Each trader can have up to 3 badges showcased next to their name.

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