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Instant Withdrawals at Blueberry Markets


Blueberry Markets is committed to providing our clients with fast and convenient withdrawal options. For this reason, we’re excited to offer instant withdrawals for a seamless trading experience. This service is available for specific payment methods and under certain conditions to ensure the safety and convenience of your transactions.

Eligible Withdrawal Methods

Instant withdrawals are available for the following payment methods:
  • Finrax (Crypto)
  • CoinPayments (Crypto)
  • PaymentAsia IDR (Indonesia)
  • PaymentAsia VNPAY (Vietnam)
  • PaymentAsia FPX (Malaysia)


Conditions for Instant Withdrawals

To take advantage of instant withdrawals, please note the following conditions:

  • Instant withdrawals are applicable for withdrawal amounts equal to or less than 1000, regardless of the currency of your trading account.
  • Only one instant withdrawal request per client is allowed within a 72-hour period. Subsequent requests within this timeframe will be subject to manual review and processing.
  • All withdrawals, including instant withdrawals, will undergo thorough balance, margin, and equity checks.

Reasons for Potential Instant Withdrawal Failures

While instant withdrawals provide a faster way to access your funds, there are scenarios where a withdrawal might fail. Common reasons include:
  • Incorrect Wallet Address: Ensure the wallet address provided matches your withdrawal method.
  • Mismatch Between Wallet Address and Currency: The currency of your withdrawal must correspond with your chosen wallet address.
  • Incorrect Bank Account Information: Double-check your bank details for accuracy before submitting a withdrawal request.
  • Missing Bank Code: A bank code is essential for processing withdrawals. Ensure it is included in your request.
  • Blocked Transactions: In rare cases, withdrawals may be blocked due to security concerns or potential issues with the payment method.

Tips for a Smooth Instant Withdrawal Experience

To ensure a smooth and successful instant withdrawal process, please:
  1. Verify Details – Double-check all details, especially your wallet address or bank account information, before submitting your withdrawal request.
  2. Understand the Limits – Be aware of the withdrawal and frequency limits to plan your transactions accordingly.
  3. Monitor Your Requests – Track your withdrawal requests, especially if you plan to make multiple transactions within 72 hours.


Need Assistance?

If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding instant withdrawals, our dedicated customer support team is here to help. You can reach out to us via email at [email protected] or live chat on the lower-right side of your screen.

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