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Depositing via Bank Transfer

Important Notes

  • Each transaction generates a unique reference number that you need to note when transferring funds. This means that you need to access your deposit page each time you wish to make a bank transfer.

    If your bank wire form cannot accommodate the entire reference number, it’s fine to omit the latter part.
    e.g. If your online bank wire form has a limit of 10 characters, you may just put in 240127-YLD.


  • Bank transfer/wire deposits must be made from an account that bears the same name as that of the trading account.
  • International bank wires usually attract a fee of approximately USD $25+ — which is imposed by and dependent on banking intermediaries. We can reimburse clients for incoming payment fees. However, outgoing payment fees are the responsibility of the client.
  • You can either make an online transfer or visit your bank to make a manual wire transaction. 
  • Not all countries are supported by CurrencyCloud. Please refer to the list of restricted countries here.


Transfer Types


Use this if you have a bank account issued outside of the currency country
(e.g. You have a Canadian bank account but depositing to a USD trading account)


Use this if you have a bank account within the currency country
(e.g. You have a Canadian bank account and depositing to a CAD trading account)


To deposit via bank wire/transfer, refer to the steps below:

After making the deposit, please fill out the form here so we can keep an eye on your transfer.


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