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In this #forex pro #trader talks we speak with Stephen Hoad. Stephen has worked with multiple funds globally and blends his experiences to form robust trading strategies. This has helped him retire in his late 30’s, Stephen now puts all his knowledge out on YouTube for free.

Forex Pro Trader Talks: Stephen Hoad

Stephen runs a YouTube Channel named TheStopHunter where he provides free education including the ultimate free trading course, allowing beginners or intermediate traders to learn about the markets and trading techniques.

In our interview Stephen discusses the importance of finding a simple strategy that is repeatable and consistent. We also discuss the other topics including his experiences in investment banking, risk management and his unique copy trading service partnered with Blueberry Markets.

Stephen allows beginner traders to ‘earn as they learn’ by using the copy trading feature. His students or Blueberry Markets clients can allocate some or all of their capital to Stephens copy trader executing orders when he does.

This allows you to take your time when learning to trade the forex markets, and takes some pressure off yourself to perform. 

In this interview Stephen also reveals how he has taught hundreds of traders how to trade, including a Formula 1 driver who told him that trading was one of the hardest ventures they have taken on. 

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