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A Virtual Private Server or VPS functions like a virtual computer, as it can independently perform tasks. It is a kind of web hosting where data centres allow businesses to locate their physical hardware to a direct internet service provider (ISP) connection. Trading establishments are able to host their respective trading software for 24-hour operations via data centres or professional computer server facilities.

A VPS is designed to provide security and flexibility to Forex traders. Because it’s permanently linked to the Internet, a more stable and safer trading environment can be achieved. And problems like computer viruses and connection failures can be eliminated. Automated trading becomes an ideal platform with the use of a VPS. And both your live and demo accounts may come with a VPS service.

How is VPS used in Forex trading?

The key to accessing a Forex VPS is your broker. You can ask for available options and seek necessary guidance from your broker. To get started:

  1. Ask for your broker’s approval to join their VPS

  2. Once your request has been approved, your broker will provide a username and password. Access to the IP address and server connection will be granted using remote desktop applications and the log-in credentials given to you.

  3. Once your VPS connection is live, you will be directed to a virtual environment that has the same privacy and functionality as a real PC or laptop.

  4. You may then log into the trading platform to continue your usual trading activities.

What are the benefits of using a VPS?

Having a VPS makes forex trading easier and more accessible.

Having a VPS makes Forex trading easier and more accessible. Here are a couple more reasons you should use a VPS when trading:

  1. Access to your VPS is available 24/7, so you can hop into the server any time you want;

  2. Connection speed is at the optimum, hence you are unaffected by power cuts, surprising connection lapses, and even system errors;

  3. You can be sure that your orders are run with minimal or no delays;

  4. You can rely on its smooth functioning even with the use of other operating systems.; and

  5. You can quickly recover lost data with the use of a VPS.

How does a Forex VPS work?

There is a standard setup for a forex VPS to work successfully. Your local computer has to be connected to the Internet for a trading platform, such as MT4 or MT5, in order to run and do trades. Both versions of MetaTrader are trading platforms widely utilized by retail Forex traders to deploy expert advisors. The Forex VPS is set up to relay your trade orders directly to the broker’s server.

Why choose Blueberry Markets VPS?

A delay or slippage in the exchange of data can mean losses in a volatile Forex market. Far better than how your computer works, a VPS is faster and more efficient in placing orders and reducing slippage and delays. Blueberry Markets VPS offers these amazing features that suit your needs and convenience as an online trader:

  1. Your trades can be executed in real-time.

  2. You can benefit from a guarantee of 100% server up-time. Blueberry Markets employs a high-performance server designed for quick accessibility and ease of use.

  3. In case of trading issues and related concerns, you can be assured of immediate assistance as our technical support operates 24/7.

  4. Low latency trading is what Blueberry Markets is all about, and is now an advantage you can easily profit from.

Under the Blueberry Markets Free Forex VPS, your system will be connected with the same DataCenter that our main trading servers are using, thus, your orders can be filled first before the rest. Blueberry Markets VPS allows the performance of every trading detail with convenience so you get the best experience possible. The use of automated trading has never been so convenient with a VPS option you can easily rely on.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the idea of using a VPS, you can always talk to your broker about it. They’ll be happy to assist you as you explore the features of your online trading platform.

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