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Just like the ever-evolving landscape of the Forex market, we are always seeking out newer avenues to grow.

The man leading us in this vision is none other than Dean Hyde, managing director of our Australian Forex trading company, Blueberry Markets. Armed with over a decade of experience in the industry and continuous study of the market as both a trader and a broker, he shares that the business of Forex has been growing since the pandemic started. His mantra? It’s always a good time to trade.

“It’s always a good time to make your money work for you. There are so many different opportunities across all the products we offer, from FX stocks, US stocks, gold, silver, and oil. There’s a lot of opportunities out there that you can benefit from,” says Hyde.

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He further explains by using trade volumes that shot up around March 2020 as an example. Until now, those trade volumes remain at fairly high levels. He adds, “There is more volatility as well, so there are more potential opportunities in the market. Look at things like Reddit and GameStop. There is just a lot more interest in the financial markets, and more players have been looking at trading CFDs or trying to get in at a lower price point than what is required at a traditional stockbroker”.

Today, he is not just a powerhouse of knowledge, but he is also turbocharging Forex trading as we know it. But, it took him time and trials to reach this dream. After a successful career in financial services and trading, he decided that he needed to translate his knowledge into his brand.

By early 2016, he championed the idea of setting up his brokerage as he felt that the earlier firms he worked at were missing quite a few tricks that could have exponentially grown their business.

Hyde brought to the table not just new ideas but an experienced hand in dealing with top clients, ranging from amateur investors to the most sophisticated of business clients. He claims that this is a prerequisite for any start-up that needs to hit the ground running in sales and revenues. “I felt like I had a very good opportunity to put my own spin on a Forex broker, which is basically what I’ve done with Blueberry [Markets],” says our managing director.

At present, we are heavily dedicated to both our B2B and B2C clients. Many of our B2C clients come through introducing brokers or IBs. “Our marketing funnel has tiers to classify business for IBs depending on the amounts of traffic, leads, and accounts referred by them”, explains Hyde.

And since Forex never sleeps and customer service is pivotal to any business, a dedicated fleet of partnership and customer service managers are always on the job, converting and servicing clients, introducing brokers, and individual customers.

“For us, there has been no looking back in over half a decade-long journey. Blueberry Markets had grown from strength to strength and has been growing at a stratospheric level right from 2016 when it first began. With prior relationships and making sure that customer service is exemplary, Blueberry Markets gets the top reviews in the business. Reviews are basically the foundation of the business,” adds Hyde.

Recently, Hyde also donned his managerial hat. The company is now at a stage where it can look at investing in people and technology.

Be a part of our evolving company by signing up for an account. Real-time execution, dedicated account managers, and topnotch customer support – that’s the Blueberry Markets experience.

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