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How to withdraw funds to your Tether (USDT) wallet

  1. On your Client Portal Deposit/Withdrawal page, under the trading account you wish to withdraw funds from, click Withdraw and select Tether.

  1. Copy your USDT depositing* address from your crypto wallet and paste it into the Wallet address field in your Client Portal.

Important Note: Please make sure that your USDT address is from either the ERC20 network or the TRC20 network. Otherwise, the withdrawal will fail and may result in loss of funds.

*When sending funds into your crypto wallet, you are making a ‘deposit‘ to it, which is why you need a depositing address. While your transaction with Blueberry Markets is a ‘withdrawal‘, the transaction in your crypto wallet is a ‘deposit‘.

  1. Enter your withdrawal amount and hit the Request withdrawal button

  1. A confirmation message will appear at the top of your screen

That’s it! The withdrawal will be processed within the day if submitted on a weekday. Weekend requests will be processed the following Monday. When completed, you will receive a notification in your crypto wallet.

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