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How can I withdraw my funds back to my card?

If you deposited using a debit/credit card, we will send the funds back (excluding profits) to the same card. Your profits will then need to be sent to a bank account.

To withdraw your funds back to your card, go to the Deposit/Withdraw page in your Client Portal, select Withdraw, and click on this bank/card icon:

When you click on this, you will be asked to enter/select a bank account. This is in place just in case you are also withdrawing profits— so that the withdrawal gets processed in one go.

If you click on the ‘+ New Bank Account‘ button, you will have this option:

So just tick on that ‘Yes‘ radio button for your funds to be withdrawn back to your card.

Note: You would still need to enter your bank account information, in case you are withdrawing parts of your profits.

Additional Notes:

  • Card withdrawals are processed in the payment system as “refunds”. This is why we can only send the funds back to where they came from.
  • If your card is linked to your bank account, the withdrawal will still be processed as a “card refund”. We cannot manually send the funds to its linked bank account number (we can only do that with profits).

For more information on withdrawals, please check out the withdrawal considerations and other articles on the left or start a chat with us at the bottom right.

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