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How are swaps calculated?

You can find the swap rate for every instrument from the Market Watch on MT4 or MT5. Simply right-click on a symbol > then select Specification. A small window will pop up and from there, you will see the swap information:

You will need the Swap long or Swap short rate, depending on your position, to calculate how much your swap is going to be.

Below is the formula for every group of instruments:

Forex and Indices

Swap Rate x Lots (Volume) x Number of Nights = Swap (in base currency)

Suppose you are trading EURUSD and you opened a short position (sell). Its swap short rate is 0.83 and you traded with 0.01 volume.

0.83 x 0.01 = 0.0083 << is the daily swap, which you’d need to multiply by the number of days you intend to keep the position open.

The swap will be on EUR if it is also your base currency. If it’s not, it’ll be converted to your base currency.

Keep in mind that swaps are tripled on Wednesdays.


Commodities are charged in USD, so they are converted to the account’s base currency (if it’s not USD).

For example, XAUUSD has a swap long rate of -2.26 and you placed an order of 2 lots:

-2.26 x 2 = -4.52

The swap would be -4.52 USD, which will then be converted to your account’s base currency.


Crypto swaps are percentage-based. In the case of BTCUSD for example, the swap long rate is -25 — this means -25% per year.

The daily rate needs to be calculated first:

-25 / 360 days = 0.06944% per day

If Bitcoin is trading at $60,000 at the close of the day, then the swap for the day would be: $60,000 x .06944% = $41.66 for every 1 lot of BTCUSD.

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