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Does Blueberry Markets offer managed accounts?

Managed accounts are available to clients who have been referred to Blueberry Markets by a fund manager.  As a company policy, we refrain from directly recommending specific products or services to clients.

Note: If you’re an account manager seeking to utilize Partner services, simply complete the provided form to initiate the process. Typically, a minimum of $5,000 USD in pooled funds is required to begin.

We offer various types of managed accounts, such as MAM (Multi-Account Manager), PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module), or separately managed accounts, to accommodate different investment preferences and risk tolerances.

  • MAM/PAMM (Multi-Account Manager/Percentage Allocation Management Module) is a system where an investor can assign a trader to manage their funds. The trader’s actions can be replicated across multiple accounts according to each investor’s share or percentage.


Some of the many benefits of becoming a Blueberry Partner include:   

  • Tailored CPA and rebate plans to ensure maximum earnings with transparent terms
  • Hassle-free commission withdrawals via various methods for efficient financial management.
  • Access to customized marketing materials and expert guidance for effective campaigns.
  • Monitor client performance and campaign metrics instantly for informed decisions.
  • Co-branded landing pages to enhance brand credibility and drive conversions.
  • Priority customer support for prompt assistance
  • Transparent fee structure
  • Robust risk management tools


Why become a fund manager with Blueberry Markets?

Our program provides partners various benefits, including the potential for further capital allocation to optimize returns, bespoke performance, commission fees tailored to individual preferences, and access to a dedicated account manager for personalized support and guidance.


How to open a managed account?

  1. Sign up: Register for our managed account program by providing details and preferences.
  2. Get verified: Verify your account to ensure security and compliance with our requirements.
  3. Start earning: Trade and begin earning commissions on your managed accounts 

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