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/ Market Analysis / News & Analysis / Inside the mind of a Forex insider and outsider
/ Market Analysis / News & Analysis / Inside the mind of a Forex insider and outsider
May 26, 2021

Inside the mind of a Forex insider and outsider

by Blueberry Markets Analyst

Brock Hadley is a full-time affiliate marketer and career coach. When he’s not busy studying click-through rates and postback URLs, he spends time learning all that he can about the Forex market.


Of course, having spent about 14 years promoting affiliates, Hadley enjoys an enviable position of being both, an insider, and an outsider in the Forex trading world.


Today, he’s seeing a new surge of Forex traders emerging in the market and that the demand for trading tools and even platforms has never been higher. “Millennials are the main new people coming into the industry,” says Hadley.


Hadley who is one of our most valuable affiliates for over a year and a half now asserts that the company is one of the best platforms in the world. “I received a great response when I began promoting Blueberry Markets and have continued to have success. They take care of their customers and their funds,” he says. 


While Hadley feels Forex traders should always play it safe and look for the right opportunities to make a big trade, what’s most critical for him is having a reputable broker. “It is the most important starting point of any successful trading experience. Should things start to turn to the downside this year, it could be a great opportunity for a big move,” emphasises Hadley. 


Trade with a reputable broker


Even so, he expects increased volatility this year and believes there is an appetite in the Forex market for major currencies other than USD and GBP to prosper. “The leadership in the pandemic seems to be lacking in these two countries and [this] may be reflected in the coming years in their currencies. I believe the pressure will remain high on the USD as long as the money printing continues,” he makes clear. 


Hadley cautions traders against high leverage trading and instead keep their funds safe and easy to access to trade or withdrawal. He is a strong backer of cryptocurrencies and says they will be the most compelling currencies in 2021 that are not tied to any government. Hadley adds that it is limiting that governments around the world are constantly restricting their citizens from accessing top trading opportunities. 


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