MetaTrader 4

  • My platform shows 'Trade Context is busy'.

    Close and reopen the MetaTrader 4 platform. The error message will be resolved.

  • My Demo account will not login.

    Demo accounts expire after 30 days as standard. To get a new demo account, in the MetaTrader 4 platform go to File > Open an account and you can generate a new login and password. You do not need to download the platform again.

  • My account shows as invalid.

    The message invalid account shows when the login or password information is incorrect. Please check your login, password and ensure you are selecting the right server. Live accounts are required to log in to the ‘BlueberryMarkets-Real’ server and demo accounts login to the ‘BlueberryMarkets-Demo’ server.

  • I cannot find the swap rates.

    Go to the market watch area, right click, and choose symbols. Click on the properties for a trading symbol and it will give you all details including the swap rates.

  • Why are swap rates tripled on positions held over the roll-over between Wednesday and Thursday?

    For positions that are open on Wednesday and held overnight to Thursday, the amount added or subtracted to an account as a result of rolling over a position (swap) is three times the usual amount. Charging or paying ‘triple swaps’ for Wednesday-to-Thursday roll-over accounts for the settlement of trades through the weekend. This is due to FX spot swap rates being settled T+2. I.e. two business days from the trade date.

  • Why can't I see all the currency pairs?

    To view all currency pairs, right click on the Market Watch section and then choose ‘Show All’.

  • I want to change my chart time.

    The trading platform time cannot be changed. There are local time indicators available to download from the MetaQuotes community.

  • How can I generate account statements?

    You may also generate your own reports from the trading terminal by selecting the History tab. Then right click the history shown to be able to choose the period of time to see in the report. By right clicking again, you can also choose to save the report to disk in HTML format convenient for viewing in your web browser.

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