Client Portal

  • How to deposit funds?

    China Union Pay (USD accounts only) / Credit Card:
    Login > Deposit > Visa/Mastercard > select ‘Trading Account’ > select ‘Credit Card’ > ‘Enter ‘Amount’ > Click ‘Fund Now’.

    If you need to add a credit card, please click on ‘Manage Credit Cards’.

    Poli (AUD accounts only):
    Login > Deposit > Poli Payment > select ‘Trading Account’ > Enter ‘Amount’ > Click ‘Fund Now > You will then be re-directed to Poli Payment > Select your Australian Bank > click ‘Continue’.

    This will redirect you to your online banking where the bank details will be pre-populated with the amount you entered in the client portal.

    Skrill (USD accounts only):
    Login > Deposit > Skrill > select ‘Trading Account’ > Enter ‘Amount’ > Click ‘Fund Now > You will then be re-directed to Skrill.

    Bank Transfer:
    Login > Deposit > Bank/Wire Transfer > Select the currency of the bank account you are sending funds to.

  • How to add/manage credit cards?

    My Account > Credit Cards > ‘Add Credit Card Now’ > Enter Card Details > Choose Front and Back Image of Credit Card* > Add Credit Card.

  • How to view deposit history?

    Login > My Account > Deposit History.

  • How to view transfer/withdrawal history?

    Login > My Account > Transfer History.

  • How to withdraw funds?

    Login > Withdrawal > Select ‘Trading Account’ > enter ‘Amount’ > Select the withdrawal method > click ‘Request Withdrawal’.

  • How to change password for trading account?

    Login > Dashboard > click on down arrow on the right of the account > Change Password > Enter ‘New Password’ > confirm ‘New Password’.

  • How to change password for client portal access?

    Login > My Account > Profile > click on the edit icon next to the existing email address

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