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Trading Under Volatile Markets

After the volatility in the forex market brought by the 2020 U.S. elections (not to mention the pandemic), it seems like our future holds possible sustenance of this market uncertainty.

During these times, it is important to remember that a profitable trader knows when it’s time to exit the market, but a brilliant trader knows how to tread through a volatile one.

With our 2020 post-U.S. elections trading guide, we will discuss a couple of key strategies to help you make your next trade a profitable one:

  • Working on your multiple time frame analysis
  • Choosing your indicators
  • Forex trading models and backtesting
  • Diversifying risk with negatively correlated instruments
  • News and Intermarket impact for fundamentals: stocks, bonds, commodities
  • Trading psychology: Cognitive biases
  • Trading psychology: Mental resilience

Now, it’s time to continue your trading journey with us and come out of this volatile market stronger and a more profitable trader.

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