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Stormy Seas Make Skillful Sailors

A forex beginner trading post-U.S. elections? Why not?
You may think: is it a good time for me to be trading now? To that, we say: if you have the appropriate amount of risk appetite for volatile trading conditions, then no mountain is too high for you, trader!

In this guide specially designed for beginner traders in handling volatile forex markets, we will answer some lingering questions you may have and go over a few key points:

  • How long does it take to become a skilful forex trader?;
  • What type of trader are you?;
  • Getting to know your risk appetite;
  • Seeking out support groups or a mentor in forex trading;
  • Position sizing;
  • Updating your trading journal; and
  • Defining your entry and exit strategy

By downloading our nifty guide, you’ll be able to keep yourself afloat in this stormy sea of a post-U.S. elections forex market and hopefully, we’d have helped you build enough courage and risk appetite to take the plunge and start your voyage to a profitable trading career.

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